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4 Professional Certificates and Programs for Employees in 2019

High-quality professional certificates and programs will allow you to:


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  • Attract and retain productive employees long term.
  • Assess and track employees’ skills and aptitudes.
  • Upskill employees and keep them engaged.
  • Ensure your organization remains competitive.

Whether you develop these professional certificates and programs yourself or rely on reputable third parties, here are four you’ll want to make sure your employees have access to in 2019.

1. Cybersecurity

According to research conducted by Dimensional Research in 2017, 64% of companies were doubtful they would be able to prevent a mobile cyberattack, while over one-third reported that they’re failing to adequately provide mobile device security within their networks.

Unfortunately, employees are the weakest link in your organization’s cybersecurity, especially as your organization increases its use and reliance on mobile and cloud-based technologies. So, invest in training and certifying your employees in cybersecurity issues in 2019.

2. Data Analytics

Whether you like it or not, data are now the most important commodities in the world, even outpacing the value of oil, and they infiltrate every aspect of a business. Make sure all or most of your employees are certified in how to access and analyze the data that are pertinent to their roles at your organization and within your industry.

For more details and insight, read “Who Benefits the Most from Data Analytics Training? and “Training Is Key to Engagement in an Era Full of Distractions and Big Data.”

3. Cloud Application Management

As your organization relies on more platforms and applications that are based in the cloud, make sure your employees know how to use them. For example, encourage your employees to become certified in Microsoft programs or Google applications.

This is especially important as you begin to rely on cloud-based learning management systems and Human Resources and project management platforms and cloud-based databases.

4. Communications

As technological advancements continue to infiltrate and modify the workplace, your employees will need to focus on fine-tuning their soft skills and communications skills more than ever.

Make sure that they are certified in the skills that LinkedIn views as critical for companies in 2019, such as persuasion and collaboration. And make sure that they are certified in conflict resolution and have knowledge on how to conduct effective meetings.

For more details and insight, read “How to Ease Your Employees’ Communication Anxieties in the Workplace.”

If you want your employees to be engaged and productive and your organization to remain competitive, make sure they participate in or become certified in one or more of the four programs mentioned above.

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