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Younger Generations Embrace Continuous Learning

The skills gap continues to plague organizations across the nation and one way to combat this problem is by upskilling your existing workforce and training new workers on what it takes to succeed in your organization and industry.

According to 1,048 adults in a new survey by getAbstract, different generations of workers overcome their own skills gap in vastly different ways. For Millennials and Gen Z workers, continuous learning seems to be the preferred method. “More than half of Millennials and adult Gen Zers said success in their careers depends on updating their skills and knowledge frequently, compared with 35 percent of Gen Xers and 34 percent of Baby Boomers,” says the survey.

However, this continuous learning is also causing a lot of stress for these young workers, according to one-third of Millennial and Gen Z talent. On the flip side, only 19% of Gen Xers and 15% of Baby Boomers claim that they are stressed out by continuously learning new skills. To learn how to make continuous learning work at your organization, check out this article.

The infographic below provides key insights into the survey, to learn more, click here.


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