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Infographic: When Do Job Titles Matter?

When it comes to posting job ads, using generic job titles yield a higher number of applicants. Why is that? Because jobseekers are searching for titles they know, like Marketing Manager or Truck Driver. If you’re using trendy titles that align with your company culture, and nothing else, good luck getting candidates in the door.

Also, think about the poor jobseeker who has had one of these squishy titles on his or her résumé. As a recruiter or HR professional, do you know what a “Wizard of Want” or a “Creator of Light” is? Spoiler alert, these are job titles for a marketing director and a theatrical lighting designer, respectively.

These titles do nothing to explain what the candidate’s previous role was, and as we know, employers only spend roughly 7 seconds glancing at a résumé before moving on. We’re not bashing these unique names, but for both jobseekers and employers alike, isn’t it just easier to stick with the tried and true?

To understand how much job titles really matter, My Perfect Resume recently surveyed over 1,700 people, including employees and hiring managers, for an inside perspective on career growth and job hunting.

The infographic below breaks down key findings from the survey, including the importance of job titles, how much more money candidates expect to earn with a title change, how often jobseekers lie about his or her title, and when a prestigious job title can hurt rather than help. To learn more about this survey, or to view the full findings, click here

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