Hiring the Best Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing can make or break a company. Companies in all stages of development, from budding new business ventures to well-established household names, can benefit from the right ads in the right places at the right times. However, marketing in and of itself can be a time-consuming and demanding task.

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The man hours and talent it takes to produce even a single effective ad would drain any otherwise efficient chain of management of precious time and detract their focus from company goals. Enter: the chief marketing officer (CMO), an expert in leading teams of talented individuals to snag the attention of the masses and pedal the goods and services of their employer in the most effective way possible!

Industries That Will Benefit from Hiring a CMO

While the idea of a CMO (also known as a global marketing officer or marketing director) sounds nice, what kind of company would actually benefit from this person’s expertise? Believe it or not, not all CMOs work for Fortune 500 companies. In fact, any business, big or small, stands to gain customers with the right ads and image. A CMO’s ability to efficiently manage teams that keep abreast of trending topics, relevant design, and shifts within the consumer base is invaluable in any industry. Without customers, and a thorough understanding of what those customers want, a business can’t expect to profit from any goods or services it chooses to provide.

Take a hypothetical metal foundry for example. The average layperson may have no clue as to the different products the foundry may provide. Likewise, the foundry’s largest customer base, machine shops, may have a bigger need for continuous customer support than the onetime buyer. If the foundry can’t bring eye-catching information to the new customer or adequate support for its recurring customers, the foundry will miss out on sales and stagnate as a result.

With the help of a CMO, though, the foundry could convey just how much better its product is than its competitors’ and excite its consumer base to move product at a much quicker rate. The CMO could coordinate the customer service department to increase customer satisfaction and company image, as well. Furthermore, the CMO could also arrange many types of analyses highlighting the company’s strengths and weaknesses as compared with customer demand and changes within its consumer base.

Skills to Look for and Picking the Right Candidate

Everyone has that one commercial they just can’t seem to get out of their head or a jingle that lingers in their ear throughout the day. Unfortunately for some companies, that may not always be a positive thing. Some consumers won’t stand for the way certain goods and services are marketed, citing ads exhibiting scantily clad women or socially tone deaf ads that may not have fallen quite as flat a decade or two ago. In each circumstance, it was the expertise (or lack thereof) of a CMO that left such a lasting impression, for better or worse. Ergo, it is important that a company seek the most qualified individual for the position.

CMOs are required to adapt to the rapidly changing topography of societal expectations and business strategies. They are expected to communicate well and perform high-level analytical and creative tasks, all while coordinating with their team to boost their company’s rapport with its consumer base. As such, a company can’t just hire any Joe off the street and expect results.

A company in search of a CMO should look for an effective leader with experience in marketing, analytics, and design and should identify applicants with an effective CMO résumé template. After all, if applicants wish to obtain a position as a CMO, then they should know how to effectively market themselves through their résumé.


Finding the ideal candidate starts with posting an accurate and informative job description. Job descriptions that are vague will only attract weak applicants who mistakenly feel they qualify and will dissuade the big hitters from applying. Top-notch employees will be looking to improve their position, and job descriptions that are missing pertinent information don’t instill confidence in those making the transition to your company. Companies can also expand their pool of quality applicants by utilizing current professional social media apps like LinkedIn in addition to posting to online job search engines such as Indeed.

Do not be surprised if utilizing social media recruitment methods tends to attract an increased number of younger applicants with less job experience, potentially due to recently graduating from their university. Don’t turn away from these young applicants too soon! Applicants with less work experience who submit an effective, functional résumé are acknowledging their lack of experience but are also highlighting their skill sets. These youngsters likely have something valuable and innovative to offer the company!


Hopefully, you’ve come away with a greater appreciation for the role a CMO plays in a company’s successful interactions with the public. This person’s efforts in ad development, market analysis, customer service, and interdepartment coordination are invaluable to any enterprise. Any CEO would be remiss not to have the expertise of a CMO at his or her disposal in his or her efforts to more efficiently run a company.

If you’re a business owner or operator looking to get more engagement with your customer base, consider adding a CMO to your team. If you’re the kind of person who is performance-driven; values the opinion of others; and possesses strong leadership abilities and expertise in ad development, market analysis, and design, then you’re just what many companies are looking for! Put yourself out there, and see what you can do. With the right marketing, the possibilities for any company are endless. Success for a company depends heavily on consumer engagement, and there’s no better person for drumming up business than a CMO.

Kimberly Sutherford is a writer and content creator from Gadsden, Alabama. She graduated with a business degree in 2018 and enjoys endurance running as a hobby.

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