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Looking Back at HR Corporate Culture Week

As HR Daily Advisor’s HR Corporate Culture Week comes to a close, let’s take a look back at our variety of content offerings that were made available to you, the HR professional, throughout the week. Strong corporate culture was an essential component in helping teams navigate through the unique and challenging circumstances of 2021 and maintaining that culture will be vital in driving workforces forward in the coming year.  The guests who contributed their expertise to our programming throughout this week provided plenty of useful and insightful tips and advice that you can use.

Check out all of our content and events below, and if you missed any of the presentations, you can still catch them on demand, so don’t miss out!


Feature Article | Trust and Empowerment: Two Keys to Emerging Unscathed from the Great Resignation

The most important step a leader can take to meet employees where their values are is to establish a culture of trust and empowerment. In this feature article, Josh Cyphers, President of Nvoicepay, explains why trust and empowerment are two ways to help your organization retain talent during the Great Resignation.

Read here.

Panel Discussion | Pandemic Burnout and Its Impact on Your Company’s Culture

We are almost 2 years into the coronavirus pandemic, and as a result, employee burnout continues to increase and impact your corporate culture, along with your workforce’s productivity. How can you keep workers engaged and productive as they continue to stress about remaining safe and healthy? What are some strategies for reducing burnout among your employees?

Lisa Jackson, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Culture Pros, and Jason Treu, Chief People Officer of Unstoppable Workplaces, discussed the state of corporate culture in a working world that has changed immensely since March 2020 and offered ways managers and corporate leaders could help combat the challenge of employee burnout in a workforce.

To access the on-demand panel discussion, click here.


HR Works Podcast |  Improving Corporate Culture Through Imrprov

In this Safety Culture themed episode of EHS On Tap, host Josh Zygmont interviewed Erin Diehl, founder and CEO of professional development company, Improve It! Learn how Erin embraces a mindset of “failfluence” and uses improvisational comedy tactics to create cultures of trust, teamwork, and collaboration across some of the largest organizations in the business world.

Listen here.

Town Hall | Creating Pay Transparency In The Workplace

Why would anybody be more transparent about pay? We believed that transparency around pay increases the trust between employers and employees, resulting in better outcomes and better culture for both!

In this educational session, Rusty Lindquist, VP of Thought Leadership at BambooHR, discussed the definition and importance of pay transparency, explained the Transparency Spectrum, and immediate actions for HR leaders to take to create a more transparent compensation process.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


Pages of HR Podcast | An Openness to Share Goes a Long Way in Corporate Culture

In the latest episode of “Pages of HR,” Janine Ting Jansen, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Teva Pharmaceuticals, talks about her new book, Latinas Rising Up in HR. Listen in as she shares inspirational stories of Latina HR professionals leading, thriving, and breaking barriers across various industries.  

Listen here.

Educational Session | Building Culture with Impactful Office Design: On-Site and Remote

Creating an environment where employees feel nurtured and supported is an important part of company culture. But what happens when employees are no longer in the office? Prioritizing an ergonomic initiative is a great way to promote employee health and well-being regardless of whether work is being conducted on-site or at home.

Impactful office design is achievable with a few easy-to-implement steps. Learn to harness the power of office design and use ergonomics as a tool to positively impact health and culture. In this webinar, wellness educator Betsey Banker guided leaders through the process of helping employees optimize their home workspaces using movement-friendly furniture and neutral postures, why it’s a top priority, how to take a proactive approach to adopting standing desks, and tips for confidently managing the process.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.


“Faces of EHS” Feature Interview | Favorite Faces of HR: Reimagining HR Corporate Culture

We look back at some of our favorite past Faces of HR guests and share their expert commentary and insights on building and maintaining corporate culture in the modern working world.

Read here.

Educational Session | Recruiting Top Teams for the Future of Work

The actions talent acquisition professionals take today will lay the foundation for an incredible organization tomorrow. As the gatekeepers to not only great companies but great lives to live as well, the stories we tell and tactics we use to bring on great teams must evolve. After all, with an incredibly challenging 16 months behind us, 52% of people are interested in taking a new job this year. How is it that we can tell the right story to attract the right people and seamlessly bring them on to our teams? Yesterday’s best practices aren’t necessarily ‘best’ today and changes to the story we tell and how we attract incredible candidates must evolve.

In this engaging and thought-provoking session, hear from workplace and talent expert, Eric Termuende, as he shares new research and insights to build incredible places to work today and into the future. From storytelling and generational differences to DEI and the recruitment process, these must-see insights will help you prepare for whatever uncertainty the future presents us.

To access the on-demand presentation, click here.

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