Favorites from 2021: Recruiting Strategy

Every company recruits talent differently based on a myriad of factors including industry, company culture, and location. Recruitment also changes by the open position, time of year, and urgency of the hire. Since COVID-19 swept the world 18 months ago, HR managers and recruiters have had to pivot and try new things to attract and recruit talent in a new remote and/or hybrid role.

recruiting strategy

“If the housing market is hot right now, the employee market is even hotter,” says Emily Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer at Wondr Health. “HR departments should assume candidates have multiple offers already in hand when they interview and act with urgency and communication. To get top talent, employers must move quickly through the recruiting process, and everyone in the recruitment process must be engaged in ‘selling’ the company as a great place to work. The pandemic has put a strain on company cultures, and candidates may not see the culture as they move through the interview process, due to working-from-home schedules or video interviews.”

“Recruitment should be designed with ways to overcome the challenges of virtual interviewing and less-than-full offices so that candidates can see the culture, environment, and vibe of the company,” she adds. “These same concepts around culture are important to address employee retention. For 2022, there will continue to be scarcity in top talent, and the trends from 2021 will continue. Employers should design recruitment processes for 2022 that create faster recruitment. Companies should perfect their value proposition as an employer and make sure everyone involved in the recruitment process can communicate why their company is a great place to work.”

Here at HR Daily Advisor, we’ve tapped many contributors to provide top recruitment strategies and insight throughout the past year–many of which can be used to help organizations recruit in 2022. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite creative recruiting strategies that companies across the nation have utilized to hire top talent in 2021.

Tips for Recruiting and Training Displaced Workers

We noted that this challenge also comes with the possibility that companies and recruiters will see an increase in demand for workers. There are millions of workers out there looking for jobs, and many have great skill sets that can breed success beyond their previous industries. Here are some tips for recruiters and recruiting and training those economically displaced workers.

5 Tips for Recruiting Top Tech Talent

Tech workers know they have leverage, so it’s in the hands of talent acquisition professionals to adjust their hiring practices and make their organizations stand out among the competition. Here are five tips for how to stay competitive when it comes to tech recruiting.

How Creative Companies Are Using Corporate Wellness as a Recruiting Tool

The pandemic has led people to rethink work altogether, leading to The Great Resignation. The result? Companies are being forced to get creative around how they recruit (and retain) new talent to their organizations

7 Recruiting Tips for Gen Z Candidates

While some recruiting tips may hold true no matter who the candidate is, it still pays to understand a bit about the differences found in the latest generation to enter the workforce: Gen Z. With that in mind, we’re going to look at some things employers may want to consider when recruiting this generation.

5 Steps to Recruiting Better Teammates

There are plenty of qualities that make employees a great fit for your company. But one trait you can’t neglect? The ability to work well on teams.  If you’re looking to recruit people who work well on teams, here are five steps you can take.

 Recruiting with a Well-Balanced Benefit Offering

When job candidates consider which position is best for them, benefits can be the factor that tips them from one company to another. As an indirect form of compensation, benefits fuel their quality of life. The responsibility of any good company is to provide fair, competitive, and livable benefit options.

CxO Recruiting: Strategies for Uncovering Contenders

Today’s disrupted world finds many companies in a fevered frenzy to source C-level executives who are adept at providing transformative leadership. But locating influential talent, which will help an organization grow, is easier said than done when established enterprises and new marketplace disruptors are equally tasked with navigating economic, societal, and digital transformation challenges.

The 6 Main Stages of Full Life-Cycle Recruiting

In today’s world, a full cycle recruiting approach is an ideal recruiting method for subject matter experts (SMEs) to hire. However, for larger corporations, the method works if the HR department controls all steps of the recruitment process. The HR manager can make the strategy more effective by examining the company’s recruitment process.

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