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Mental Health Days

You’ve probably heard the phrase “I’m taking a mental health day” and assumed it was employee slang for just needing to get away. While that is essentially what it means, it’s also a very legitimate use of paid time off and one employers should support and embrace.

The Importance of Mental Health Breaks

Mental health days are dedicated to providing employees with a break from work-related stress and promoting mental well-being. These days can be used for activities such as relaxation, contemplation, or just taking time to take care of yourself.

Even before the pandemic, employee mental health was a rising concern, but since then, stress and burnout have been on the rise.

Company-sanctioned, and even encouraged, mental health days can allow employees to recharge their batteries and return to work feeling more energized and ready to tackle workplace challenges. Even a short break from work can help employees clear their heads and come back with a fresh perspective.

Benefits of Mental Health Breaks

There are numerous benefits to supporting mental health days. Employees who take this time off often report feeling more productive and less stressed upon returning to work. Additionally, by providing mental health days, employers show they value their employees’ mental well-being and are willing to invest in their overall health.

Mental health days can also help create a sense of belonging within a company, as employees will feel more appreciated for taking care of themselves. In addition, conversations around mental health and its importance can help relieve some of the stigma that still exists.

Moreover, employers benefit from employee mental health days, as well; well-rested and de-stressed workers tend be more engaged, have higher morale, and be more productive.

Overall, mental health days are an important part of promoting employee well-being, as they provide individuals with the opportunity to rest and recharge and employers with the chance to show their support for employees’ mental health. Taking a mental health day can help individuals feel more productive and less stressed while building camaraderie in the workplace and benefiting employers with more engaged and productive staff.

Do you offer mental health days for your employees? If not, they might be a worthwhile investment for 2023.

Lin Grensing-Pophal is a Contributing Editor at HR Daily Advisor.

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