Infographic: Insights into a Highly Mature Talent Acquisition Team

In today’s business landscape, talent is strategy. An organization can have a great product, service, or insight, but without the right workers to execute, sell, and innovate, none of that value will likely emerge. Talent acquisition (TA) therefore is a critical piece of any HR suite and should support the entire organization. Accelerating the capabilities of a talent acquisition function requires effort, investment, resources, and even cultural change. But the payoffs for TA maturity are significant gains in business performance.

This infographic highlights six key research findings from Bersin’s latest high-impact talent acquisition study with 1,220 global participants. These findings demonstrate how your organization can benefit from high-performing approaches to talent acquisition in terms of integrating the TA function, prioritizing internal mobility, strategically assessing candidates, personalizing the talent journey, enhancing capability development, and using predictive data and artificial intelligence.

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