Daily Advisor Infographics

Managers Lead the Way in Work/Life Balance

Workers’ ability to juggle the demands of the office and home is on the upswing, with those in charge greatly aiding the cause, new research suggests. In the Robert Half Management Resources survey, the majority of professionals (52%) said their work/life balance has improved from 3 years ago. Nine in 10 respondents (91%) reported their […]


Infographic: How Your Workers Would Like to Workout in the Office

Are your employees seated at a desk for 8 hours a day? Do they make any attempts to get up and move? Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time may be extremely detrimental to your health. Corporate wellness programs may play a huge key in keeping employees healthy and happy, but would […]


Infographic: How Transparent Should Compensation Be?

Should professionals’ pay be public knowledge? Employers in the advertising and marketing fields don’t think so, according to a new study from staffing firm The Creative Group. More than eight in 10 creative executives interviewed (82%) said their organization refrains from publicizing employees’ compensation. Of those respondents, 61% feel pay transparency would decrease staff morale.


Infographic: 10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees

As the work culture is changing, employees no longer feel the need to stay with a company if they are unhappy with its culture and environment. When employees start feeling unhappy in their workplace, they generally hide this from other colleagues and their bosses. They also take some time to assess within themselves if they really […]


Drug-Testing Policies by Industry

This infographic reviews why you need an effective drug-testing policy at your company and how it should reflect your industry. Register for our webinar to learn more: Medical and Recreational Marijuana at Work: Multi-State Updates for Mastering Emerging Compliance Obligations.


Infographic: Minimizing Dress Code Mishaps at Work, Warm Weather Tips

A survey of over 400 managers, conducted by legal compliance and consulting services company Seyfarth Shaw at Work, revealed that more than 50% of managers have experienced obstacles or discomfort when dealing with employees sporting overly revealing/casual summer clothing. Additionally, newly exposed piercings, tattoos, logos, and decals have also given managers hot-weather headaches.