HR Works Podcast: Personalize Your Workplace Rewards to Attract and Engage Millennials

HR Works Podcast


Every HR manager is experiencing dramatic changes in workplace culture. For example, we’re seeing unlimited vacation policies and we’re witnessing the death of the annual performance review. To a large extent, the changes are driven by the arrival of the Millennials, who by most estimates will soon make up over half of the workforce, if they don’t already.

But one area that seems unchanged is reward and recognition programs. Today’s guests want to change that. Taylor Smith and Kevin Yip are cofounders of Blueboard, a new recognition/retention program designed to help companies recruit and retain Millennial employees that traditional recognition programs don’t resonate with.

Taylor serves as Blueboard’s CEO. From selling carwashes & smoothies door to door in grade school, to running a $3M diamond and fine jewelry business at age 24, he’s a born entrepreneur. After spending time within the Management Consulting practice at Accenture, working with AT&T and NetApp, Taylor created Blueboard.

Kevin, who serves as Blueboard’s COO, began his career at Price Waterhouse Coopers where he learned that it’s hard for people to make time to do what they love. His passion is to get people out of their desk chairs and into the real world, where they can discover new hobbies and indulge in their passion.

Kevin and Taylor explain why rewards should be both “personal and in person”–and why providing cash rewards is almost never a good idea.

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