Factorial launches startup program, to facilitate the digitization of HR

SaaS Startup Factorial is the first HR Software in the market to launch an offer for fellow startups, allowing young businesses to better manage their human capital and adapt to HR
digitization at a fraction of the price.

Young startups need more support now than ever before

Although the Covid-19 crisis has had a strong impact on companies worldwide, it has not stopped entrepreneurs from creating and developing their business. However, the last months have placed emphasis on the fact that businesses are requiring more than financial assistance as they digitize their company’s processes and move fully remote.

Factorial’s startup program offers young companies support in various ways:

● Networking in an international startup community
● Access to exclusive startup resources
● Promotion of their startup for more visibility
● The opportunity to directly contribute to the development of Factorial’s features
● Access to Factorial’s HR tool with a 90% discount

Helping startups digitize and empower their HR departments

In the last few months, the new reality of remote work has demonstrated that HR digitization is inevitable for the survival of companies.

Factorial’s HR Software assists companies in making and maintaining the transition to fully digitize their HR processes and enable remote work with fully engaged employees. To do so,
companies have access to essential features like:

● Company and employee documentation management with electronic signature
● Digital and mobile time tracking and absence management
● Recruitment through fully integrated applicant tracking system
● Employee portal for internal communication and events
● Performance management, surveys and engagement tools
● Reporting and people analytics

Strong employee culture and real time people data as the ultimate driver for growth

Now more than ever employees require transparency and clear communication, while managers and decision makers need real time access to information. Building a strong company culture is key to moving the organization forward, particularly in turbulent times. To do so, companies need to connect employees to one open company platform, in the most simple and straightforward way.

Factorial’s platform enables and digitizes every organizational process in one place, automates bureaucracy and gathers employee analytics, so managers can make smarter decisions and focus on what matters: finding, developing and empowering the best possible talent.

More about Factorial:
Factorial is an all-in-one HR software startup that was founded in 2016 in Barcelona. Its unique way to simplify organizational processes won product awards, received high NPS customer reviews, attracted over 18M in funding from top European and American VC funds and, most importantly, has already helped over 60.000 companies worldwide to better connect their employees.
For more information, please visit https://factorialhr.com/startup-program