Hottest Developer Jobs for 2021 Revealed in 4th-Annual Report from CodinGame

NEW YORK, NY March 18,  2021CodinGame today revealed the list of the most in-demand developer positions in 2021, among the HR and Talent Acquisition insights in its fourth-annual report on the developer profession.

The leading hiring platform for developers interviewed more than 15,000 developers and HR professionals around the world. They were surveyed on a list of topics, including what they thought would be the hardest jobs to fill throughout the coming year.

“Our latest report on the developer profession highlights the rise of telecommuting and virtual hiring in 2020 and the strong demand for DevOps experts as businesses adapted to working in the cloud. Although COVID has largely been behind this shift, it will be interesting to see how these trends develop in 2021,” said Aude Barral, Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer, CodinGame.

“We’ve also seen more tech recruiters hiring developers who haven’t followed the traditional academic route. A computer science degree is no longer a must-have if you want a career as a programmer. With the wealth of online and offline resources available to everyone, coders of all levels of technical competence can improve their programming skills, opening up job opportunities in the booming tech sector.”

Among the report’s other findings, more than four-out-of-ten (43%) HR professionals admitted they will struggle to find qualified DevOps for their tech teams this year. Compared to past years, DevOps has jumped ahead of Back-End (41%) and Full-Stack (41%) developers as the hardest positions to fill. Also high in the rankings: Architect (#4), Software developer (#5), Data Scientist/Machine Learning Specialist (#6), and Front-End developer (#7).

The switch to remote work since the start of the pandemic has caused the sudden rise in demand for DevOps, Back-End and Full-Stack experts, as businesses have experienced increased need to manage their cloud infrastructures or migrate their operations to the cloud. This trend is likely to continue throughout 2021, putting pressure on tech recruiters.

Most In-Demand Developer Jobs for 2021, according to HR pros: (*)

  1. DevOps
  2. Back-End developers
  3. Full-Stack developers
  4. Architect
  5. Software developer
  6. Data Scientist/Machine Learning Specialist
  7. Front-End developer
  8. Tester
  9. CTO
  10. Data or Business analyst

11.Applications developer

  1. Mobile developer
  2. Systems engineer

“These rankings confirm changes many of us have been experiencing,” said Barral. “For instance, the shift away from on-site operations is reflected in the ranking of System engineers and the prioritization of DevOps and other roles that support the virtualization of the enterprise. Also interesting is the status of C-level engineering talent. To me, it shows that hiring organizations are retaining current senior personnel and not making strategic changes until the market stabilizes.”

Self-Taught Developers Welcome + Other Insights

Programmers were asked how easy they thought it would be to change jobs in 2021, on a scale from 1-10. Confidence was reasonably high, with developers choosing 7 on average—the same as in 2020. There has also been a shift away from companies only hiring developers with formal qualifications, such as a computer science degree from a top university.

The majority (80%) of HR professionals interviewed said they have recruited developers who are self-taught, and didn’t learn to code at school or university. Almost a quarter (24%) of recruiters said they regularly hire developers without a formal qualification in programming

That will be encouraging news for the growing number of coders who are self-taught, and learnt to code by accessing the free resources available to them such as online tutorials, reference books and training platforms such as CodinGame.

Note to editors:

(*) CodinGame surveyed more than 15,000 developers and HR professionals from around the world, from October 2020 to December 2020, to produce its 4th annual Developer Report. The full report is available here.

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