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The Way Back from the Brink after the WeWork Crisis

It’s been under 6 months since WeWork was in such dire straights that it couldn’t lay off employees because it couldn’t afford their severance packages. WeWork’s initial public offering (IPO) went from one of the most anticipated public offerings to falling flat on its face in a heartbeat. Workers were fired or quit, and many […]

Training for the #1 Leadership Lack: Decisiveness

A common trait of great leaders—whether in the military, business, politics, or any other field—is the ability to act decisively, to survey a situation, and to make a timely decision on how to move forward. And yet, decisiveness is precisely the element of leadership many people struggle with the most. It can be incredibly intimidating […]

SMS Texting Will Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process

Attracting qualified applicants to your job opening involves a lot of grunt work, but finding a way to automate the recruitment process will save you both time and money. Texting is the fastest and most widely used form of communication that streamlines how you engage qualified applicants, share news and information, and schedule interviews. Here […]


So You Want to Work for My Fake Company … Huh?

College graduation is right around the corner, so the influx of “fresh meat” in the workforce is only a few weeks away. And where will most of these college grads end up looking for jobs? One could assume trendy tech companies like Google will see their fair share of applicants, but what about start-up companies […]

Uber Says it’s Time to Stop Tolerating Brilliant Jerks

How much are you willing to put up with from a talented employee? That’s a question that, as a manager, you’re bound to face sooner or later. It’s a question the Uber board of directors is faced with right now.


Amazon’s Rise of the Machines—Could This Be the Beginning of the End of the Human Workforce?

HRSBT has previously reported on multiple companies going high tech and replacing workers with robots. Some of these stories don’t end well for the robots, mostly the restaurants in China that ended up reverting back to human waitstaff after learning that there are some jobs even robots aren’t cut out for. However, one retail giant […]