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SMS Texting Will Revolutionize Your Recruitment Process

Attracting qualified applicants to your job opening involves a lot of grunt work, but finding a way to automate the recruitment process will save you both time and money. Texting is the fastest and most widely used form of communication that streamlines how you engage qualified applicants, share news and information, and schedule interviews. Here are 6 ways to revolutionize your recruitment process with SMS texting.

When your recruitment strategy is falling flat, it’s time to unleash the power of text messaging. To attract qualified applicants to your job openings, you have to reach a wide audience. Everyone carries their cell phone around, and 98% of text messages are opened. When you have a list of subscribers to an opt-in texting campaign, you will have the ability to message everyone within seconds right at your fingertips. Permission to text recipients can be built into the signup process for online job boards, making it easy for you to find recruits who are already interested in working for your company.

People Are Addicted to Their Cell Phones

Cell phones have become the primary means of communication for a large number of people. According to Business Insider, the top 10% of active cell phone users touch their cell phones more than 5,400 times a day. This is a whopping number, and a clear indication that cell phones have become a predominant method of communication in today’s society. Most cell phones come with some type of texting plan, and you’ll be able to text potential job candidates no matter where they are.

Recruitment with a Personal Touch

The younger generation prefers text messaging over emails and phone calls. To go the extra mile, make sure that messages are personalized for the recipient and aren’t just a mass texting blast sent out to all of your subscribers. Those that are older than 44 tend to prefer a phone call or email first, so keep this in mind when you are sending out a text message to your recruits. When your messages are clear, precise and offer something to the recipient, you are more likely to keep growing your pool of recipients. If your messages aren’t useful, people will begin to unsubscribe from your campaign.

Mass Texting is Fast and Easy

Emails are only read only 20% of the time, and the time it takes to open those emails can take weeks. Text messages are read very fast, with most text messages being read within three minutes. When you have a job opening you need to fill quickly, you’ll want to use SMS texting to fill the position. Texting is the quickest and most efficient way to reach out to recruits, and you will get answers to any of your questions very quickly. Most recruiters discover that by implementing mass text messaging to communicate with recruits, the process of recruitment goes much faster.

Text Messaging is a Discreet Way to Communicate

A high number of employees in the work force are looking for other employment opportunities. When you keep communication during business hours, you have to consider that it is not always possible for candidates to answer a phone call. With text messaging, you can send a discreet message to the recruit’s private cell phone, and they can answer without anyone knowing that they are looking for a new job.
Whether you need to schedule an interview, or you need further information for an application, text messaging is an easy way to follow-up with job candidates. When text messaging becomes an integral part of your recruitment process, you will find communication easier with recruits. Text messaging will help you find the best candidates for a position quickly, and you will no longer lose out on top candidates to your competition.

Automated Text Messages Saves Valuable Time

Contacting applicants to schedule interview times, provide essential documents, and notify them of important deadlines is labor-intensive when done over the phone or email. An SMS software can significantly shorten these tasks through automated text messages, which guides prospects through every step of recruitment. If an applicant opts into a keyword, the system will automatically send them an application document with a deadline date. Missed deadlines will be a thing of the past, as prospects will automatically receive multiple reminders prior to the due date.
Time and money is wasted if an interview is missed, so being able to effectively schedule times through texting will produce the highest turnout for your interviews. While on the go, candidates can send a text to identify their preferred time, the system will automatically send a confirmation, list of essential materials, and a reminder the day before the interview. Ultimately, you will save valuable employee time by avoiding lengthy phone calls while guaranteeing you don’t miss out on any ideal candidates.

Inform Applicants With News and Information

Sharing valuable news and information about your company will keep your applicants eager to work with you. What better way to communicate your company news than with the fastest and most widely used channel amongst your applicants – Texting! And to ensure the information is relevant, you can use multiple keywords to send targeted news. If a prospect texts into the “Marketing” keyword, they will receive news related to the marketing department, keeping applicants excited to grow with your company.
Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, a complete SMS solution.