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Infographic: 2014 Training Trends & HR’s Role in the Training Process

In a new BLR Training and Development survey, over 1,050 organizations provided insights regarding their employee training practices and methods. They also provided details about the responsibility of human resources (HR) in the training process. The infographic below examines the topics organizations train their employees and managers on most frequently, the most popular means of […]

Are You a Social Businessperson?

Do you consider yourself a social businessperson? What exactly is a social businessperson? Right now we are looking specifically at how professional you portray yourself on different social media platforms. How professional do you think you come across on LinkedIn and Twitter? Take a look at your LinkedIn and Twitter pages right now…do you come […]

Infographic Charts Onboarding Success

Yesterday’s Advisor featured tips for retention and onboarding. Today, a helpful infographic from BambooHR that helps clarify the facts around onboarding programs and what makes them successful. Here’s the infographic:     Onboarding is the first step in retention—get it right. Download BambooHR’s survey results (Onboarding 101 for Small Business HR). Click here to view […]

How to Hire Like Google

How do you and your companies go about hiring new employees? Each company is obviously different in their hiring techniques. For Google, they go about hiring in steps. These steps help them determine which prospective candidate is right for their company. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more!

Hireright Infographic: Meet the Robots Reading Your Résumé

This infographic from Hireright breaks down how applicant tracking systems (ATSs) weed through hundreds, if not thousands, of résumés to find the right candidate for a position. Some candidates and recruiters argue that an ATS can overlook qualified applicants simply due to oversights in résumé form and structure. This is true. However, knowing how an […]

Mercer Infographic: Taking Health Management to a New Level

This infographic via Mercer indicates that employers are increasingly willing to invest in health management — and they believe their programs are making a difference. “US employers believe that health management is helping to slow medical trend, and they are putting more emphasis on these programs,” says Beth Umland, Director of Research for Mercer’s Health […]

10 Hot Job Titles That Didn’t Exist 5 Years Ago

What job titles current to today were nowhere to be found in 2008? This excellent Linkedin infographic examined data from 259 million members’ profiles to determine the top 10 most popular job titles that didn’t exist 5 years ago. by taniacreative. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – […]

Mercer Infographic Shows Global Pay Increases for 2014

The latest Global Compensation Planning Report from Mercer highlights increases across most regions of the 100 countries studied. View the image below for a summary of the findings. “Employers will remain cautious with pay raises in 2014, but employees, nevertheless, will benefit from a gradually improving relationship between economic growth and inflation,” says Niklaus Kobel, […]

Minding Employees’ Hearts During the Holidays

Holiday parties can be a great way to show your employees’ you appreciate them and inspire a sense a camaraderie at your company, but the gathering can also bring forward a host of HR issues related to alcohol, religious issues, or even sexual harassment. A new infographic looks at a—perhaps underestimated—threat at holiday office parties, […]

Infographic Explores 2013 Employer Holiday Pay Practices

BLR has released the results of the new 2013 Holiday Practices Survey, which examines employer practices for providing paid holidays and paying nonexempt employees during the 2013 holiday season and provides information on planned paid holidays for 2014. The infographic below highlights survey findings and links to an article by BLR Legal Editor Susan Prince, […]