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Compare Your Training Stats to Our Annual Survey

Training Methods
Our survey shows the following methods used regularly for training employees.
In the coming years, 86% expect to use more online training, and 68% plan to utilize more in-person sessions conducted by the HR staff. More video/DVD and mobile/tablet-based materials will be used by 51%, and more telephone/audio conferences will be utilized by 47.9%.

In-person presentations by HR

Providing printed materials 40.9%
Online training 37.5%
Video-based or DVD-based materials 20.7%
In-person training sessions presented by experts from outside the company 19.2%
Outside conferences 18.3%
Telephone/audio seminars


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Budgets for Training
Training budgets will increase for 2015 for an average of 25.2% of survey participants who answered this question. Development training leads the budget increase list at 37.1% followed by technical/professional training at 30.8%. Dollars budgeted for compliance training are on the rise for 21.9% and for HR staff training for 20.8%.

Metrics for Evaluating Effectiveness of Training

Measuring the effectiveness of training is a formal process for an average of 24.4% who answered this question in our survey. Trainee evaluation of the trainer leads the list of measurements used at 43.2% followed by testing of trainees at 33.8%. Supervisor or management input comes in next at 26.8%, with ROI (return on investment) and ROE (return on engagement) rounding out the list at 9.1% each.

Participant Demographics

Organizations with up to 250 employees account for 55% of our survey participants, and 24.2% have 251 to 1,000 employees. Another 14.4% employ 1,001 to 5,000 individuals, and 6.5% of survey respondents work in organizations with more than 5,000 employees. Unions represent employees at 24.9% of our survey participant employers.
Privately owned, for-profit organizations are represented by 53.1% of survey participants, and privately owned not-for-profits account for 20.9%. Public sector employers make up 22.6% and “other” represents 3.4%. Industries include:

  • Manufacturing—17.7%
  • Health care and social assistance—15%
  • Finance and insurance—9%
  • Educational services—7.2%
  • Public administration—6.9%
  • Professional, technical, and scientific services—5.7%
  • Retail trade—3.4%

Our 1,052 survey participants are classified as Staff (18.8%), Supervisor (6.3%), Manager (55.6%), and VP or higher (19.3%).

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  • Integrate content into your existing LMS;
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