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The Truly Unique Individual … How Do You Pay Them?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we heard advice from Barry L. Brown, SPHR, CCP, on navigating three tricky compensation situations; today, Brown’s take on how to pay the truly unique individuals at your company.

Brown, who is a principal at Effective Resources, Inc., provided his insights during a recent webinar presented by BLR® and HR Hero®.

An Unprecedented Blend of Talent!

There are the (very rare) times, says Brown, where an employer is lucky enough to find a truly unique individual with multiple skills and competencies that the business can use. But what is meant by “truly unique”?

Brown suggests, perhaps someone’s walked through the door who is a trained paramedic, has a degree in computer science, and 3 years’ experience in HR. Wow! What can we do with this person besides just stick him or her in a job? Is there a way that all of his or her diverse skills and competencies can be put to work in an unprecedented way?

Due to the blend of talents, it’s probably unlikely that you will have a job description or pay range that fits, says Brown. Therefore, you need to build a unique job, write a description … and build a blended rate.

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Paying the Truly Unique Individual

In this one-of-a-kind situation, says Brown, there are four steps:

  1. Identify what specific roles the individual will be performing.
  2. Find market data and develop a blended rate.
  3. Develop a pay range and/or slot the job close to the blended rate.
  4. Communicate to managers (and, as needed, employees) the fact that this job is unique.

The last point is important, emphasizes Brown—you must have some rules to set this job apart.

Practical Rules for Unique Positions

Here are Brown’s six practical rules that must be followed in order to successfully create a position for a unique individual.

  1. Communicate that this position will not be subject to job posting.
  2. Also make it clear that if the individual should move on, the position will not automatically be filled.
  3. Update the blended rate as you would other hybrid positions.
  4. If the roles should change so that the position is no longer unique, handle the job as any other and pay accordingly.
  5. Don’t let managers try to convince you they have “unique” positions just because a person has an unusual set of skills. If the company does not have a need for these skills (for example, we don’t care if they have a PhD. in basket weaving, says Brown), don’t change the pay.
  6. Consider doing a skills inventory among employees and include personal skills that may be useful in the future. Log it into your HRIS for reference, and you’ll have a place to look if an unexpected skill suddenly becomes necessary.

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2 thoughts on “The Truly Unique Individual … How Do You Pay Them?”

  1. If they are truely unique then you will negotiate with them on a one to one basis and any remuneration is based on a “felt fair” basis of what they think they are worth and what their value is to your business. Perhaps 10% of the ROI?

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