Got a Task That, Well, You Know…? Automate It!

By Holly K. Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor

When the Roomba first hit the market it was one of those mythical things, to me—like hoverboards and self-driving cars and same-day Amazon delivery—about which I could only dream. But as the prices became more reasonable and the devices more sophisticated, I decided that, as a person who values clean floors, life really is too short to vacuum every day.

So, aside from a week-long stint during which I waited for a replacement battery (a replacement battery that I could now receive within hours, courtesy of same-day Amazon delivery), a Roomba has been chugging along through my house every day for the past several years. It has long since paid for itself through peace of mind and the ability to reclaim those frustrating minutes once spent on a thankless task.

In our current always-connected age of productivity and lifehacks and effective multitasking, automation is becoming much more possible and practical. As more vendors and developers invest in creating automated solutions for common consumer problems, these solutions not only become more affordable and more readily available, but they also stimulate additional innovation into new areas, some of which can be easily adapted to and adopted in the workplace.

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