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5 Ways to Put a Lid on Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is disruptive and costly. Fortunately, Mike Kappel on has some tips on how employers can reduce turnover among their staffs:

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  1. Hire the right people. It’s not enough, Kappel writes, to hire employees with strong skills that match the job—you also need to consider how candidates fit in your business culture. If they don’t fit in, they won’t be happy and will go elsewhere.
  2. Offer competitive pay and benefits. If you don’t compensate employees well, they’ll look for businesses that will.
  3. Give praise. Employees also crave encouragement and recognition. When employees feel respected and appreciated, they’re more likely to stay put.
  4. Show the career path. Most employees want to expand their skills and knowledge and climb the career ladder. Mapping out their advancement opportunities gives them a sense of direction and purpose.
  5. Allow flexible work schedules. At the risk of beating a dead horse, you should offer flexible scheduling if possible. It helps them create a work/life balance that keeps them satisfied, as well as less distracted when they’re working.