‘I’m Concerned’ in Outreach Messages Gets Candidates’ Attention

In previous eras, certain factors of production have held relatively greater importance than others when it comes to contribution to a company’s success.outreach
For instance, the possession of land was crucial during the agricultural age, and the possession of factories and machinery was crucial during the Industrial Age. In the post-Industrial era, it is human capital that is most essential for companies engaged in post-Industrial industries—i.e., finance, law, marketing, and a host of other service-based industries.
For this reason, the HR function is arguably as, if not more, important as it has ever been. The ability to effectively recruit top talent is key to the success of any business in today’s marketplace.

In Recruiting, These Two Words Hold a Lot of Power

Few organizations are better positioned to provide advice on the recruitment process than professional networking platform LinkedIn, and few within the LinkedIn organization are better positioned to provide such advice than VP of Global Talent Acquisition Brendan Browne.
In a recent article for LinkedIn written by Jean Tang and based on an interview with Browne, Browne explains one simple phrase he uses to get back on track in the recruitment process with prospects who have, as he describes it, “gone dark”—i.e., employment prospects who have not followed up on recent applications or responded to requests for follow-up without providing any specific reasons: “I’m concerned.”

Why Your Concern Matters

Tang writes that by “using ‘I’m concerned’ in candidate outreach via message or phone, Browne has been able to weed out people who aren’t passionate about the job, bring issues to the forefront, and reengage candidates.” Browne argues that the phrase “I’m concerned” gets candidates’ attention and sets the tone for honest and empathetic conversations.
Human capital is the primary driving force behind the success of any business. That’s why recruitment and retention are essential elements for HR departments and the long-term strategies of the companies they serve.
In a tight job market, recruiters need to do everything they can to attract top talent because they are competing with so many other great companies.
While Browne’s “I’m concerned” phrase may not be a silver bullet, it could be an extra arrow in the quivers of your recruitment team—and it’s one that’s easy enough to employ.