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Recruiting Disruption: New Technology Offers Next Generation Mobile Job Searching, Hiring

Recruiters are always looking for new and innovative ways to find top talent using new technology. Which is why CareerBuilder has developed a new app that uses innovative technology—like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), gamification, and more—to simplify the hiring process for both jobseekers and employers.


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As an employer, imagine a mobile app that shows you real-time supply and demand trends for the talent you need, instantly builds your job descriptions, automatically matches your job openings to candidates who are more likely to respond, and runs campaigns to engage them. CareerBuilder is making it a reality.
This exciting new mobile revolution for the dual-sided employment marketplace is an extension of CareerBuilder’s end-to-end solutions that cover every step of hiring.

The Problem with Today’s Employment Situation

Both employers and jobseekers are struggling to navigate a labor environment plagued by tight labor pools, burgeoning skills gaps, and a disparity in access to education and career opportunities.
According to nationwide research by CareerBuilder:

  • 50% of employers say it is taking them longer to fill open positions than in any other period of time and 54% of employers say it is costing them more money to fill open positions due to low unemployment.
  • 54% of workers feel like they just have a job, not a career and 36% of workers feel underemployed.

CareerBuilder is looking to help solve these issues by providing around-the-clock mobile access to talent, jobs, and career information.

Bringing the Mobile Revolution to Employers

CareerBuilder is the only HR tech company that offers both software and services. Last year, CareerBuilder announced the launch of its Talent Discovery offering, a powerful, AI-driven platform that reduces the time it takes to source job candidates from hours or days to a matter of minutes.
The company has begun developing a Talent Discovery Companion App that will put everything the desktop version offers in the palm of employers’ hands, so they are always one click away from finding their next great hire:

  • Consultative intake: Recruiters can be more consultative with hiring managers with an intake tool that features sample résumés of potential candidates and real-time data on supply and demand ratios for desired talent, top markets to find candidates, top competitors, and compensation ranges.
  • AI job description building: Leveraging data collected, parsed, and normalized from more than 2.3 million jobs, the tool can automatically build a job description when recruiters simply enter a job title. The tool will even account for nuances based on the industry and location.
  • Centralized candidate search: Recruiters can view details on all current and past candidates from CareerBuilder products and their applicant tracking systems (ATS) in one place and can export candidates from CareerBuilder’s system into their ATS.
  • AI matching: AI and machine learning technology automatically matches job openings with qualified candidates, zeroing in on candidates who are the most likely to respond based on various signals. Recruiters can also take advantage of semantic search technology that shows related, customizable search terms.
  • Campaign management and analytics: Whether it’s a fully-branded, customized e-mail or text, recruiters can easily create and send messages to an entire audience of potential candidates. Recruiters can also see in real-time which candidates interacted with their communications and can see how they stack up against competitors in terms of recruiting activity for specific roles.

CareerBuilder’s new iOS app recently went live in the app store, and in the months ahead, it will be launching the Android version, as well. For more information on the app, click here.

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