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What Do You Need to Create a Productive Workforce in 2019?

Adding to yesterday’s post, here are five other essential things you’ll want to consider if you want a well-developed and productive workforce in 2019 and beyond.productivity

1. Emphasis on Company Culture

Moving forward, more and more organization’s will work to establish and promote their company cultures. According to surveys and research, here’s why:

  • 88% of employees claim company culture is at least relatively important.
  • When 33% of jobseekers left a job within 90 days, 32% cited company culture as the reason why they left.
  • 37% of workers think employers should make efforts to change organizational culture to ensure a good work/life balance.
  • Businesses with a strong learning culture enjoy employee engagement and retention rates around 30% to 50% higher than those that don’t.

2. Effective Leadership and Management

Did you know that 58% of people polled say they trust strangers more than their own bosses? Most employees would say their bosses are the most stressful part of their jobs. A whopping 58% of managers said they didn’t receive any management training at all.
With constant focus placed on digital innovation, automation, and building a more agile workforce, it’s easy to forget about how important effective leadership and management development is.
But don’t forget how important it is if you want to maintain a productive and well-developed workforce in 2019 and beyond. Research repeatedly shows that employees don’t always leave an organization for more money or for promotions; they leave bosses and bad managers.

3. Regular Employee Feedback

Businesses are saying goodbye to performance reviews, especially yearly  performance reviews, and you should also. They’re becoming extinct because Millennials and employees from Generation Z have indicated that they want more regular feedback from their managers and supervisors, so that they can be more productive at work.
They want to be able to learn and grow in real-time and develop as professionals every day as they’re completing their everyday work tasks.

4. Mobile-First Work, Learning, and Development

In the future, as workforces become more agile and remote, mobile learning technology and everyday technology used to complete work tasks will not be able to be an afterthought or come second to more static and permanent technology infrastructures.
Every platform and system will need to be developed and managed with the assumption that employees are always mobile, not that they are only sometimes mobile. Employees will need to be trained and developed while they’re constantly on the go.

5. Open and Clear Communications

A more agile and productive workforce demands open and clear communications across departments and teams. According to experts, open and clear communications build trust, engagement, and boost employee productivity. And luckily, it’s now easier to execute, too, with the access we have to intricate and instant communication tools and apps.
As you work toward building a well-developed and productive workforce in 2019, keep the eight things listed above and in yesterday’s post top-of-mind.