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Why It’s Important to Have a Cloud-Based LMS

Conducting business via the cloud will be the norm, even for laggards, in 2019. And if you haven’t migrated your L&D department, its operations, and its learning management system (LMS) to the cloud by now, you’ll be missing out on a lot this year, and your competition will outpace you.cloud

Here’s what you’ll be missing out on if your L&D department isn’t based in the cloud yet.

Synced Systems, Platforms, and Apps

In 2019, mobile learning will reach new heights, and more learners will access learning materials via mobile apps, systems, and platforms. And if those apps, systems, and platforms aren’t all based in the cloud, they will not be able to synchronize learners’ experiences, information, or records.

For instance, if you have a course platform that isn’t cloud-based, learners’ scores and learning outcomes will have to be manually transferred or logged in other LMS systems or apps or other HR systems, and they won’t be able to be automatically transferred or synchronized.

Additionally, learners will want to be able to access learning content offline when they don’t have strong Internet access on their mobile devices. And they will want to be able to synchronize their updated learning progress and information in the cloud when they have an Internet connection again.

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Advanced L&D Analytics

When your different L&D and HR systems are linked and synced in the cloud, they can offer more comprehensive and advanced analytics—analytics that can help you and your L&D teams better determine a strategy, plans, future course content, etc.

For instance, you’ll be able to determine things like who takes what courses and when and what their next set of courses should be, as well as who will be eligible for an upcoming management role and what courses they need to take; what courses don’t end up helping your employees’ productivity levels in their everyday roles or anticipated career trajectories; what courses cost your organization too much money and don’t yield satisfactory returns; and so much more.

More Personalized Learning

Cloud-based LMS and learning platforms are now being designed with deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. And having a cloud-based LMS with deep-learning AI capabilities means more personalized learning experiences for your learners, as such technology ensures each learner encounters learning content at the right time and within the right context, every time.

Established Learning Ecosystem

When all L&D apps and systems are synced via the cloud, you’ll be better able to establish a learning ecosystem at your organization. And establishing a learning ecosystem will ensure your L&D department’s agility and ability to inspire an organizationwide learning culture, which will be critical to its overall success in 2019 and beyond.

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Don’t postpone basing your L&D department in the cloud any longer as 2019 begins, as you don’t want to miss out on the things listed above that it will bring.

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