How a Comic Book Character Can Promote Women in STEM

Diversity and inclusion were once considered “fluffy” company goals that were pursued by bleeding hearts or, more cynically, the PR-minded, but that view has steadily changed over the last few decades.


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Diversity and Inclusion Have Business Benefits

Companies today recognize that diversity and inclusion have very real business benefits, which include bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to the table when making decisions and solving problems, as well as understanding and speaking to the increasingly diverse market for goods and services.

But Recruiting Challenges Abound

Recruiters often find it challenging, however, to find qualified candidates who help them create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
Some explanations for this may include a lack of interest among certain groups in certain industries and the “pipeline” problem of certain groups not being represented in schools and entry-level industry positions. The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industries are notorious for having very poor female representation, and these reasons make it difficult to find a diversity of people to promote to the mid- and senior-level spots.

An Interesting Collaboration

Consulting giant Deloitte, a large employer of STEM professionals, is teaming with an interesting partner to address this problem. Deloitte and The Ella Project, creator of Ella the Engineer, have announced the launch of a new collaborative comic book series, with the goal of exposing girls to STEM in a fun and unique way.
“The graphic novel series features comic book character Ella solving various problems using her STEM skillset under the guidance of various Deloitte leaders, including Deloitte Chair and Consulting CEO Janet Foutty and Chief Innovation Officer Nishita Henry,” according to a press release from Deloitte.
Companies can look as hard as they want at the existing applicant pool, but sometimes, it takes a longer-term approach that starts with encouraging youth to pursue certain fields. And when facing large-scale societal problems, it helps to have a comic book hero on your side.