How to Implement a Company Culture Focused on Innovation

Yesterday’s post focused on five reasons to implement a company culture focused on innovation. Below are some tips for how you can implement this type of culture.


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Establish a Mission Statement that Embodies Innovation

When implementing a company culture based on innovation, an organization must first officially document its intentions via an official mission statement for everyone to read and refer to later.
Clearly state in your mission statement that your organization encourages innovation, and clearly lay out how your organization will support and promote innovation across departments and teams moving forward.
Leaders across your organization will be able to refer to this official document as they work with their own teams to implement a more innovative culture, and such a statement will signify that your organization is serious about implementing this type of culture.

Be Flexible

Employees must be granted some flexibility if they’re to be more proactive and innovative. They need flexible environments in order to bring up innovative or new ideas and collaborate with one another. They also need flexibility in order to follow lines of inquiry or interest that may lead to a new product or service that customers are demanding.

Encourage Collaboration and Transparency

Innovation is reliant on collaboration. One employee might have the design idea for a new product, another might be able to flesh out its mechanics, and yet another might be able to promote it to customers. Innovative collaboration is very challenging when employees aren’t transparent with one another or aren’t freely sharing ideas and project status updates.

Implement Cloud-Based Technology

It will be easier for employees to collaborate and remain flexible if they can access cloud-based systems to follow and contribute to projects or initiatives. Cloud-based technology allows employees to engage in transparent communications and collaborate with one another and allows them to keep important project notes and details in a central, organized location.

Provide Safe Spaces

Spaces inside a workplace should be inclusive and inviting to everyone when implementing a company culture centered on innovation. Inclusive spaces encourage collaboration and the teambuilding that’s required to innovate products and services. For more insight, read “3 Ways to Inspire a More Inclusive Work Space.”

Start with Your Organization’s Leaders

If you want your organization to implement a company culture focused on innovation, you must start with its leaders first. Make sure your organization’s leaders are a part of documenting your new mission statement for innovation and that they’re on board to ensure its success. An innovative company culture relies on the support of its leaders to be successful.
For more insight and details behind innovative company cultures and how to implement one, read “5 Steps to Take When Implementing a New Company Culture.”

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