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5 L&D and Training Programs the Successful Modern Workplace Has

Organizations must invest in the right high-quality learning and development (L&D) and training programs to remain competitive and innovative in 2019 and beyond, especially as research continually demonstrates that high-quality L&D and training programs lead to higher employee retention rates, highly engaged and productive employees, and a much higher bottom line.


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Here are five L&D and training programs your organization must invest in to remain successful and competitive in the years to come.

1. Communications

As workplaces become more complex, remote, agile, fast-paced, and globally based, communication skills are becoming increasingly important for the modern-day worker. Employees need to be trained in conflict resolution practices and emotional intelligence, as well as learn how to be collaborative, adaptable, and persuasive, according to LinkedIn.

2. Technology

It seems that soft skills and communication skills get all the attention nowadays. But now more than ever, employees need to be adept at using all types of technology, such as cloud-based and mobile systems and platforms, artificial intelligence, and more.

3. Cybersecurity

Ninety-four percent of companies expect the frequency of mobile attacks to increase in the near future, according to research conducted by Dimensional Research. Sixty-four percent of companies were doubtful they would be able to prevent a mobile cyberattack. And over one-third of companies are failing to adequately provide mobile device security within their networks.

Employers should train their employees how to securely access platforms, devices, networks, apps, files, etc.—especially if they have a bring-your-own-device policy whereby employees use their own mobile devices for work purposes. Otherwise, their organization’s data are at risk.

4. Data Analytics

Today, data are more valuable than oil, and they’re everywhere. Everyone in the modern-day workplace should have some type of data analytics training. Who benefits from data analytics training? Well, everyone—everyone including HR and L&D professionals, managers, and team members.

5. Change Management

Most modern-day organizations will fail because they won’t accept, implement, or manage changes very well. And this is problematic because change is inevitable in today’s workforce. Make sure you implement best practices for training your employees to accept and manage change.

To keep your organization competitive and successful in 2019 and beyond, be sure to implement the five L&D and training programs outlined above.

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