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To All Working Moms, Happy Mother’s Day 2022

To all our readers, friends, and colleagues, Happy Mother’s Day!

“Working mothers are essential to our country’s economic future and competitiveness,” says Jill Koziol, co-founder and CEO of Motherly. According to the annual State of Motherhood Study, 48% of mothers are dissatisfied with their employer’s lack of flexibility and paid time off—the number one reason women change or left their jobs in the last year was due to lack of childcare. In the midst of the Great Resignation, it’s essential that employers recognize the importance of helping working mothers.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled our favorite articles about working mothers. Take a look back with us for insight, advice, and best practices to support the mothers in your workforce!

‘5 Ways to Help Working Mothers Advance Their Careers’

Women who choose to start families can easily get stuck in their career advancement when they need to split their time and when their workplace doesn’t help them meet the challenges they face. Here are five ways to make sure you include working mothers in the equation when helping employees advance.

Workin’ Moms: Unapologetically Exploring Maternity Issues’

While searching for my next round of binge-worthy treadmill fare on Netflix, I came across Workin’ Moms. The 22-minute (per episode) dramedy checks all boxes you’d expect in a show that lives up to its name: lactating moms and pumping accommodations, sex stereotypes, moms dealing with postpartum depression, and actions, by some of the moms, which could be characterized as sexual harassment.

‘HR Works Podcast: Working Mothers in Crisis’

In this episode, we take a hard look at how mothers in particular fared in 2020, the impact that the pandemic had on them, and how employers better position themselves to support mothers and create a place for them in the next normal. The issue will be discussed from an HR perspective as well as an employment law perspective.

‘HR Works: Supporting Single Mothers of Color’

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, women of color, particularly single mothers of color, are among the most vulnerable. Here to help us understand the situation, and how HR can help, is Asha Tarry, founder of Behavioral Health Consulting Services LMSW, PLLC, which provides consulting, counseling, and coaching to creatives and small business owners in the wellness and entertainment industries and educational sector.

‘Strong Suits That Moms Bring to Remote Working’

Moms have always been synonymous with superheroes, especially when you consider the multitude of things they are able to juggle in 1 day. This has only escalated exponentially with the pandemic, as moms have had to take on even more roles. This ability to execute multiple responsibilities efficiently and effectively is especially applicable in the remote working world, fleshing out an extremely well-rounded contract employee. Let’s take a look at the top reasons moms should be prime candidates when it comes to your business’s remote worker needs.

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