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That’s a Wrap on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Week 2022!

From December 5th to the 9th, we spent a full week focusing on the value and importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace! As the week ends, we’re looking back at all our online events and digital resources that helped HR professionals move the needle forward in their company’s DEIB initiatives.


A Seat at the Table Podcast | Advancing Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Join host and HR Daily Advisor editor, Bianca Herron, for the latest episode of the A Seat at the Table Podcast. Listen as her and Jessica Tuman, Head of Enterprise ESG at Voya Financial, discuss myths that need to be dispelled around disability employment, steps companies can take to create a culture to support disability inclusive hiring, what employers and HR professionals need to understand about the complex realities of people with disabilities – and their caregivers – and how to best support them, and more.

Panel Discussion | The Value of the Empathetic Leader

In today’s business climate, it’s more important than ever for leaders to hone the skill of empathy. Join our expert panelist as they discuss why empathetic leadership is a core ingredient to success in today’s workplace and how it not only leads to better business results, but also better employee engagement, employee retention, work/life balance, and more.


HR Works Podcast | Kathryn Zaki, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Cisco Meraki

Tune in for an exciting episode of our award-winning podcast, HR Works, where host Josh Zygmont interviews Kathryn Zaki, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Cisco Meraki, a cloud-managed IT and network solutions company. Listen as Kathryn and Josh discuss the role of ERGs in building an engaged and successful employee experience.


Pages of HR Podcast | An Inclusive Workplace for All (Part I)

Join host and HR Daily Advisor editor, Bianca Herron, for the latest Pages of HR podcast. Listen as her and Michael Bach discusses his latest book, Alphabet Soup. Alphabet Soup serves as a critical guide to creating a truly inclusive workplace for all, regardless of sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression. Whether you consider yourself an ally, or don’t know what it means to be one, you’ll come away armed with everything you need to know to create a safe, productive, and thriving organization.


“Faces of HR” Feature | Dr. Shirley Knowles on the Importance of Listening, Valuing Talent & Taking Action

In this latest edition of the Faces of HR series, we meet Dr. Shirley Knowles, Progress’ Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer. A seasoned leader in the inclusion, equity and diversity space, Dr. Knowles joined Progress as their first CIDO in 2021 and champions efforts in building, fostering, and growing a culture where all employees feel valued, safe, and successful.

Educational Webinar | Unity by Design: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Creating an inclusive workplace that makes people feel connected and valued is fundamental to attracting, engaging and retaining talented employees. In this webinar, Sharlyn Lauby, SHRM-SCP, HR Bartender founder and ITM Group, Inc. president, joins us to talk about how to create a culture of belonging and the benefits of implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives.  


HR Work Break Podcast | Do Your Company Values Truly Encompass Everyone?

Join host and HR Daily Advisor editor, Maddy Collins, for the latest episode of the HR Work Break Podcast. John Register (Paralympic silver medalist, Board Member of the American Association of People with Disabilities, & Member of Kanarys’ Advisory Board) returns to the show to continue a discussion on disability inclusion, building a culture of belonging, and much more!

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