HR Works Presents HR Work Break: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Guests: Claire Schmidt, Founder & CEO of AllVoices.

In this episode of HR Work Break, I’m joined by Claire Schmidt, Founder and CEO of AllVoices. AllVoices is an anonymous employee feedback management platform that takes a modern approach to driving change within organizations by giving all employees a way to speak up, provide feedback, ask questions, share positive input, and report harassment, bias, or culture issues directly to their company’s leadership.

Listening to employees is more important than ever. If workers can’t communicate their needs, goals, and feelings, there’s no way for employers to know how they’re doing. Psychological safety—especially in regards of feeing safe enough to be listened to—is key in building a positive company culture. Listen in and Claire and I discuss how to utilize employee feedback to build corporate culture from the bottom up.

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