Create Future Leaders by Training Employees How to Delegate

Delegation is yet another essential managerial skill. Employees who aspire to leadership positions must begin to acquire this skill now. Teaching delegation means providing opportunities to practice the skill—perhaps through management of a special project or team effort. It also means imparting an understanding that delegation is a six-step process.

  1. When you delegate, you must first determine which tasks to delegate. Some work only you can do, but other work can be done just as well by an employee, freeing you up to do more of the work only you can do.
  1. Then you need to define the task. Specifically, what needs to be done, step by step?
  1. Next, you must select the right person to do the job. You may want to refer back to your employees’ skills inventories to identify which employees are best suited to which tasks.

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  1. Then you have to explain the task completely to the employee and answer questions.
  1. Once the employee begins the task, you need to provide support and positive feedback to ensure success.
  1. And finally, you must follow up to make sure that the task has been performed completely and accurately.

The material in today’s Advisor comes from BLR’s presentation “Enhancing Professional Development of Employees.”

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Course certificates can be automatically generated from within the training center and are automatically retained for recordkeeping purposes.

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