It’s Always a Good Idea to Plan Ahead

In yesterday’s Advisor we looked at reasons 1 through 8 for having a succession plan at your organization. Today we’ll look at the rest of them!

Planning ahead can be a hassle, but it behooves a company to spend some time looking at their internal talent and thinking about who could replace who in a pinch. Today we’ll learn some of the reasons why succession planning can be so productive beyond just being able to fill a position on the fly.

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  1. Reviewing the plan gives you a new opportunity to communicate about the process and the planning, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This is a great time to set up any formal or informal training or mentoring programs with everyone involved.
  2. It’s an opportunity to identify new successors for anyone who has recently assumed one of these roles. In other words, once a portion of the plan has been implemented, it will need to be redone!
  3. You can assess the development needs of other staff. For those who are not qualified for a leadership or critical role, their development should not be overlooked. Incorporate everyone into the development part of planning.
  4. It’s also an opportunity to assess the future hiring needs of the organization. This can come to light if there are too few options internally for key roles.
  5. Succession planning can uncover problems, such as out-of-date job descriptions or inadequate training programs.
  6. Succession planning allows you the chance to ensure the plans are accurately reflected in the organization’s HR software, if applicable, including employee development needs and goals.

How often does your organization review its succession plan? What have you found to be the best benefit to doing so regularly? Feel free to share in the comments section!

Succession planning is just one facet of the brave new world of HR. Are you prepared for changes that are unparalleled in scope and impact?

  • Employees all over the world, many of whom you’ve never met in person
  • Technological advances and big data
  • Talent management challenges like Millennials managing Baby Boomers you once thought would have retired years ago
  • Big data on everything from hiring strategies to retention predictions
  • Sweeping regulatory changes in the areas of health care, immigration, and privacy that have necessitated massive changes in the way you do business
  • And the new normal—doing more … with less

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