Fix Your Company’s Glassdoor Profile Now!

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed how Glassdoor® continues to expand beyond just a place for people to blow off steam, and how this website’s growth can negatively influence your brand. Today, we’ll learn what you can do about it.

I Want To Change… My Glassdoor Profile

Regardless of how you are being represented on Glassdoor, there is likely room for improvement. Here are a few strategies that can help.

  1. Add an honest positive review. Anyone is welcome to review any company on Glassdoor, including you. Try to avoid puffing up your review, as Glassdoor is pretty good at recognizing puff pieces and will reject them. Instead, give your company an honest positive review. Focus on what’s great about your company and it certainly won’t hurt your brand. 
  2. Coordinate a review campaign. Find a number of employees that you feel are happy at their job and ask them to review the company from a positive but honest angle. Posts are much more likely to make it through if they are balanced, with good, believable feedback.

Beyond The Glass Door

You may ask what else you can do to improve your Glassdoor profile. Unfortunately, there is only so much power a company has to immediately and directly change its profile on Glassdoor. The whole purpose of the site is that companies get reviewed by everyone, including those who are unhappy. The purpose of the site would be undermined if a company could just edit its profile with a few key strokes.

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The real power you have to influence your company’s reputation on Glassdoor is to take steps to improve that reputation in the real world. Take an objective look at the negative commentary on Glassdoor. Do they complain about low wages despite high revenues? Maybe it’s time to consider changing that. Are they suggesting that upper management is slowing down production or causing unnecessary hardships for their subordinates? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at how your managers operate.

Making these kinds of changes can be difficult. Businesses get in a groove, and it’s easy as a manager to say: It works, so why fix it? But an in-depth look at what doesn’t work in your company can be much more valuable than spending time and effort defending what is working. And who knows, maybe those changes will be reflected on peer-reviewed sites like Glassdoor.

It should be said that no matter what, there will always be malcontents and they will always provide negative feedback. This is a given. That being said, the easiest way to ensure you have a good review on Glassdoor going forward is to comply with the latest employment laws—and treat your employees well.

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