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Leveraging Paid Volunteer Opportunities for Gen Z and Millennials

As Generation Z (those generally born between 1995 and 2010) begin to enter the workplace, they’ll truly shine when they’re offered opportunities to give back to their communities and causes they care about. And Millennials also excel at work when they’re offered opportunities to give back and help others.


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However, with the average American’s workweek exceeding 40 hours, and a slow pace of increasing wages, many employees can’t volunteer their time as much as they desire to on a regular basis.
Millennials have consistently been referred to as the “giving generation,” and Gen Z is currently expected to follow suit in this regard. Both generations value being part of causes much larger than themselves and always seek for ways to “do good” in the world. And they want their employers to help them with their philanthropic pursuits.
Here’s why you’ll want to offer paid volunteer days and opportunities to your prospective and existing employees from both generations.

Employees Become More Passionate and Confident in Their Abilities

When younger employees are provided with opportunities to directly work for and support causes they care about, they become more passionate and confident in their growing abilities and skills.
When they’re able to help others by exercising their individual skill sets, they feel more empowered to continue to do more and learn more about what they can accomplish in the world and at your organization. They will bring their passions and newly honed abilities back to your workplace when they’re done volunteering.

Employees Become More Innovative

When employees are better connected to issues occurring in the real world through volunteering, they try to work harder at innovating products, strategies, infrastructures, etc., that will alleviate those issues.
And your organization will gain opportunities to be at the cutting edge of solving some of the world’s more pressing and pervasive problems when it’s full of employees who are working hard to help alleviate some of the world’s most pressing problems. When your employees are more innovative in the real world, your organization becomes a more innovative space, too.

Employees Will Inspire a Company Culture of Inclusion

Younger generations are actively seeking roles with organizations that tie their strategies and initiatives to the betterment of the world and their communities because they want the organizations they work for to represent a positive and inclusive force in the world. When you encourage younger employees to give back to their communities and causes they care about, they will embody and propagate a company culture that is inclusive and positive.
Consider the reasons for offering paid volunteer opportunities above if you want to attract and retain younger generations at your organization.

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