10 L&D Programs Your Leadership Teams Must Participate in This Year

If you’re currently developing your learning and development (L&D) programs for your organization’s leaders and management teams this year, here are 10 programs you’ll want to make sure to include.  Leadership

1. Communications

Most employees feel anxiety when they must communicate with their peers or bosses. If your leaders and managers, however, are trained to resolve conflicts, to pick up on nonverbal cues, to solicit and provide feedback effectively, and in other important communications skills, your organization will be able to boost its productivity levels and revenue.
Read “Six Communications-Based Skills Every Employee Needs in 2019” for more details.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent employees are better communicators and are better at handling stressful situations and conflict. What’s more, emotionally intelligent managers and leaders are much better at managing change on a departmental or organizational level.

3. Customer Service

Training your leaders and managers in customer service ensures operational efficiencies and consistency and fosters positive communications across departments and with external partners or customers.
Read “Why Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Be Trained in Customer Service” for more insight.

4. Stress Management

According to research parsed by Psychology Today, over 60% of Americans claim that their workplace is a “significant” source of stress for them because of their working conditions, workloads, schedules, etc. (i.e., the conditions that are typically handled by their organization’s leadership and managers).
And workplace stress costs employers nearly $3.5 million in employee absenteeism alone annually, not including costs associated with medical leave and insurance claims, as well as costs associated with decreased employee productivity.
So, leaders and managers need to understand how to manage their own stress levels and triggers, as well as help employees seek the help they need when they’re stressed.

5. Time Management

If you want your leaders and managers to be less stressed and more productive, they’ll need to learn how to manage their time wisely. And they’ll need to know how to prioritize tasks, how to effectively delegate tasks, how to manage employees’ calendars and schedules, etc.

6. Data Analytics

Leaders and managers across your entire organization will need to know how to access and analyze data analytics in 2019 and beyond if it’s to remain competitive.
Read “Who Benefits the Most from Data Analytics Training?” to learn more about why.

7. Basic Technical Skills

Your managers and leaders must be well versed in basic technical skills if they’re to be successful and effective. Here are “4 Tech-Related Skills Every Employee Must Have,” especially your leaders and mangers.

8. Harassment Prevention

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, you will want to ensure your leaders and managers are trained in all forms of harassment prevention.
For more insight, read “Should Harassment Prevention Training Be Mandatory in the Workplace?

9. Diversity and Unconscious Bias

Effective managers and leaders are aware of their unconscious biases and work toward encouraging diversity across their organizations. To learn more about how to implement unconscious bias training, read “What Is Unconscious Bias Training?

10. Change Management

Change is inevitable in our current global world of ever-evolving technology. So, make sure your managers and leaders know best practices for handling, managing, and accepting change.
In 2019, make sure your organization’s leaders and managers participate in the 10 programs mentioned above if you want it to remain successful and competitive.

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