Technology and Platforms Every L&D Professional Should Rely on in 2019

In 2019, you’ll want to make sure that your learning and development (L&D) team is using the best and most relevant technology and platforms—those that are listed below. Otherwise, it could risk falling behind the competition.


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Cloud-Based Systems and Learning Platforms

If your L&D department isn’t based in the cloud in 2019, or doesn’t rely on cloud-based technology, you won’t be able to implement personalized learning initiatives or mobile learning apps and initiatives for your learners or establish a learning ecosystem at your organization. And you won’t be able to access or utilize real-time advanced data and analytics and so much more.
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Chatbots enable L&D professionals to provide just-in-time support and real-time personalization for learners and make L&D and HR initiatives more productive. You can use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs ), increase learner engagement, and more.
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Data Analytics

The technology and platforms L&D teams use in 2019 should allow them to easily access and analyze learner data and analytics, as well as data and analytics about e-learning courses or mobile content, etc.
You should be able to know how each of your learners is doing on a rolling basis and where each needs help, what courses and types of learning content are yielding optimal learning performance and which ones aren’t, and so on.

Platforms Running Deep-Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Deep-learning AI technology will allow your L&D team to predict what your learners will want and need to learn within particular learning contexts and business contexts and will sincerely enhance your organization’s ability to personalize every learner’s learning experience while increasing learners’ knowledge retention rates.
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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will become more commonplace in L&D departments in 2019, and your team will want to have access to it and know how to use it to remain competitive.
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Video-based learning content will dominate the world in 2019, inside and outside L&D departments. So, make sure that your L&D team has access to technology and platforms that make creating, viewing, editing, sharing, and storing video content for learning extremely easy.
If you don’t want your L&D team to fall behind the competition this year, make sure it’s able to rely on the technology and platforms that are highlighted above.

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