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Business Etiquette Training Is Still Important, Even in the 21st Century

Business etiquette is probably more important now than it was a few decades ago, and it is certainly far from irrelevant or elitist. Experts also agree that etiquette training needs to be tailored to a new generation of professionals right now. Continue reading to learn more about why.business

We Live in a Global Business Economy

Business etiquette training typically covers cultural norms and customs, especially for those employees who work with clients or customers located around the globe. In a day and age where it’s so simple and common to call or chat online with someone who is half a world away, common etiquette and proper etiquette are critical to understanding other people inside the business realm and not accidentally offending or confusing them.
While one country agrees with certain business customs, others may not—which is especially the case when it comes to proper greetings and dining etiquette.

We Live in a Just-in-Time Society

Business etiquette training also typically covers the importance of being prompt and punctual and listening actively to others. And it covers preparedness and being respectful of others’ time. In a society that is always “on,” everyone should always strive to be on time and expedient.
Yet, employees should also know when they should take a moment to consider a more thoughtful or helpful reply instead of always feeling the need to respond to everything instantaneously.
In a just-in-time society where everything happens at a moment’s notice, it’s important for employees to stop and consider what others are saying or requesting, or not saying, etc.—it’s important to slow down long enough to be more emotionally intelligent, in other words, while remaining punctual.

Building Trust Is Important

When your employees demonstrate that they understand and are willing to follow certain rules of business etiquette, they’re also demonstrating a level of integrity and that they are honest and polite and can be trusted. And in this day and age, trust is critical to a business’s success. So, build trust with your clients and internal teams by training your employees in proper business etiquette.

Building Communication Skills Is Important

In today’s workplace, employers want employees with better communication skills. And employees want better workplace communications, as well. Better communication increases work productivity and employee satisfaction.
And a huge part of business etiquette training revolves around how to respectfully and effectively communicate with others, whether they be coworkers, bosses, clients, partners, etc. Ensure your business remains successful by training your employees in proper business etiquette.
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