Workplace Culture: Is Your Company Ready for 2030?

In two previous posts, we’ve discussed a few workplace culture trends expected to impact employers by 2030.


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Unlike predicting what trends we’ll see over the next 12 months, taking a decade-long look requires deeper insight into developing trends—and even trends that have yet to develop.
So far, we’ve reviewed three trends; in this post, we’ll look at two more.

Workers Will Always Be Upskilling

We hear a lot about how workers are anxious about the risks of being left behind as automation and technological improvements continue to change the workplace and make more positions obsolete. As a result, experts predict employees will continue to find ways to upskill to stay relevant in changing and complex environments.
This isn’t something that is likely to slow as technology continues to develop, and companies need to think about how they can build continuous development into their internal processes to ensure today’s employees are prepared for tomorrow’s job requirements.

Effective Work Spaces May Make Offices Popular Again

Elina Cardet, associate principal at architecture and design firm Perkins + Will, says that “culture is also affected by the spaces in which people work.” She says that some companies are starting to create more flexible, thoughtfully designed workplaces, with a goal of facilitating employees’ workflow and accommodating their needs.
“Beautiful spaces that have exceptional technology and facilitate work may even attract more remote workers back to the office on a regular basis,” says Cardet.
It’s not an unlikely possibility. After all, trends do seem to ebb and flow over time, and people do tend to yearn for what they don’t know. The exodus out of the workplace may someday turn into an influx back!
Predicting the future of the business world is a pastime with years of history. Those that have been able to effectively forecast the changing winds have an opportunity for great success.
As you consider the predictions we’ve covered in these three posts, there are three paths to take: Capitalize on the potential for change by adapting to new markets and riding the tide; resist the change; or sit back, do nothing, and just see what happens.

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