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Building and Endorsing a People-Centric Workplace

Yesterday’s post outlined the benefits of having a people-centric workplace, and today’s post will outline some action items and best practices for how you can build and endorse this type of environment.


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Rely on Cloud-Based Technology

If you want to build and endorse a people-centric workplace, you must rely on technology that is based in the cloud, such as cloud-based communications and project management tools, as well as cloud-based learning management systems.
Cloud-based technology enables transparent communications and business practices, is critical to productive workplace collaboration, and allows employees to communicate more effectively with one another and their bosses—all of which are vital to people-centric workplaces.

Implement a Company Culture Focused on People and Customer Service

To build and endorse a workplace that is people-centric, implement a company culture that is centered on employees’ positive communications and relationships and overall well-being.
In addition, offer extensive customer service training to all employees, as this skill is invaluable to positive workplace communications and relationships.

Provide Servant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Training

People-centric workplaces have leaders who demonstrate servant leadership skills and employees who are emotionally intelligent, even if they aren’t aware of it. Servant leaders and emotionally intelligent employees are people-centric by their own natures, as they emphasize others’ perspectives, needs, and outlooks as much as their own.
Therefore, you may want to provide your employees with servant leadership and emotional intelligence training courses and programs to ensure that they remain people-centric, especially if you’ve implemented this type of company culture.

Offer Financial and Mental Wellness Programs

When considering employees on a more holistic level, it is impossible to neglect their financial and mental wellness inside our modern-day workplaces. So, if you want to focus on your employees as people on a wider scale, consider offering financial wellness programs and mental health programs, as well as general awareness campaigns for each.
Employees expected to embody a people-centric workplace must have their financial wellness and mental health addressed first, even before they’re granted access to customer service training.

Collect and Apply Employee Feedback

You can’t forget to ask your people what they think and what matters to them or ignore what they tell you when building a people-centric workplace. Employees across these workplaces should feel as if they have a voice and that their leadership teams care about what matters to them.
Their managers should solicit their feedback for projects and companywide improvements often and empower them to make their own decisions and communicate transparently. So, ask for employees’ input, and apply what you learn through policies, procedures, programs, and training.

Design Inclusive Work Spaces

Design work spaces that are conducive to people-centric interactions inside your workplace, such as spaces that make interactive meetings and conferences easier and more comfortable, and ensure your organization’s work spaces are inclusive to your employees, business partners, and customers.
At the end of the day, if you truly want to build and endorse a people-centric workplace, focus your attention on what your people care about, and take note of how they interact with one another, their bosses, business partners, and customers.

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