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Putting the Human Back in Human Resources (Infographic)

There’s a serious trust issue when it comes to workers confiding in your Human Resources department.

We recently reported on research findings that show one in five employees does not trust the HR team at their organizations. Additionally, more than 30% of respondents say they avoid going to HR at all for problems. This is a huge issue! Not only should employees feel comfortable going to their HR managers for support, but if these issues aren’t being nipped in the bud properly it could make for a massive lawsuit in the future.

Now, even more research is showing just how bad the trust issue is. Online résumé builder, Zety recently survey 926 Americans to get their views on HR. Zety asked participants to share their opinions on how well HR professionals do their job, whether they’d seek HR’s advice about a range of problems at work, and what was the most unusual situation they’ve had to report to HR.

The findings from the survey are highlighted in the infographic below. For more information on the report, click here.