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Favorites from 2021: Faces of HR

HR Daily Advisor‘s Faces of HR column is a weekly profile series, showcasing the great work being done by members throughout the HR community. Sharing personal experiences and taking a closer look at the successes, challenges, aspirations, and opinions of HR professionals, our 2021 Faces of HR profiles brought insight from all walks of the industry, from talent management, benefits, DE&I, and so much more.

Faces of HR 2021

In case you missed some of the stories and profiles along the way, don’t fret! Our team at HR Daily Advisor has gone back through the archives and selected some of our favorite Faces of HR profiles from 2021:

Don’t Be Afraid to be Uncomfortable (Janine Ting Jansen, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Teva Pharmaceuticals)

For more than a decade, Janine Ting Jansen, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Teva Pharmaceuticals, has embraced the spirit of inclusiveness and called upon others she has not only crossed paths with, but also influenced to do the same. And there’s no better time to help share her passion for diversity and inclusion – as well as her story.

Gia Ganesh Talks the Importance of Transcending Stereotypes and Small Ripples Making Big Waves (Gia Ganesh, Vice President of People & Culture at Florence Healthcare)

As a self-described people nerd, Gia Ganesh is passionate about unleashing people’s potentials. However, that wasn’t her focus at the start of her career. Like other HR professionals in the industry, Ganesh’s career did not start in human resources.

Successfully Recruiting in the Highly Competitive Gaming Industry (Amandine Laine, Regional Recruitment Manager for Americas at Gameloft)

We have a lot in common with our border buddy Canada, including crafting recruiting approaches that succeed in highly competitive spaces. Amandine Laine, Regional Recruitment Manager for Americas at Gameloft works in the video game industry in Montreal, where the competition is steep, but that hasn’t stopped her from onboarding dozens.

HR Pros Can Improve Their Influence (Kerry Unflat, Chief People Officer at Zipari)

In this “Faces of HR” interview, we discussed how HR professionals can improve their influence within their organizations and within their career with Kerry Unflat, Chief People Officer at Zipari.

How One HR Pro Created Real Engagement During the Pandemic (Naveen Bhateja, Chief Human Resources Officer at Medidata Solutions)

The strategy that goes behind engagement efforts must be commensurate with the needs of employees and employers alike. Naveen Bhateja, Chief Human Resources Officer at Medidata Solutions, got the balance just right and saw real, demonstrable results.

Balancing Employee Resilience with Employee Needs (Karen Crone, Chief Human Resources Officer at Paycor)

One thing the pandemic has taught us is how resilient employees are across nearly all industries. Organizations and employees alike needed to trade on that resiliency to make it to today. But such resiliency is not without costs. Karen Crone, CHRO at Paycor, spends a lot of time thinking about that balance.

Benefit Expert Advocates an Important Part of Your Benefits Communications (Gianna Driver, Chief People Officer at BlueVine)

Communicating benefits to your employees is a critical component of any employee benefit strategy. Gianna Driver, Chief People Officer at BlueVine, discusses how she approaches these communications, including via benefits advocates—that is, people who use certain benefits who share their experiences as a model for educating other employees about individual benefits.

Sometimes Growth Requires Being Uncomfortable (Frank Levesque, Director of HR Advisory Services at CliftonLarsonAllen)

If employees just did what made them comfortable, the opportunities for growth would be far and few between. Sometimes you have to push people into unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable positions to unlock real growth—at least that’s what Frank Levesque, Director of HR Advisory Services at CliftonLarsonAllen, says.

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