HR Works Presents HR Work Break: The Results Are In! Authentic Appreciation Leads to Success

Guests: Dr. Meisha-Ann Martin, Senior Director of People Analytics and Research at Workhuman

When employees are recognized at work, they are up to 10 times as likely to strongly agree that they belong at their organization, according to Transforming Workplaces Through Recognition, a recent study conducted by Gallup and Workhuman. To weigh in on these findings, Dr. Meisha-Ann Martin (Senior Director of People Analytics and Research at Workhuman) joins the latest episode of HR Work Break! Tune in to learn about the study’s findings, how to build recognition into your company culture, and more.

Be sure to listen to our other episode with Dr. Meisha-Ann Martin! To learn more about the Gallup-Workhuman study, Transforming Workplaces Through Recognition, check out the press release or the full report.

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