Video: White Collar Exemptions from Overtime Explained

By Kara Shea, Butler & Snow What are the requirements for employees to fall under one of the white collar exemptions from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? In this video, Kara Shea, an attorney with Butler Snow, explains the criteria before an audience at BLR’s recent Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS). Read […]

FMLA Training Scenario Video: DOL Investigation Goes Wrong

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as you know if you’re an HR professional or employer, is one of the trickiest aspects of personnel management. In this video training series, we examine scenarios with FMLA implications similar to what your supervisors or managers could face. Then, BLR’s FMLA expert Susan Schoenfeld explains whether the […]

How HR Can Make Employee Benefits Communications More Effective

With benefits accounting for 30% of compensation spending for most organizations, employers want to make sure their return on investment (ROI) is as high as possible, and want employees to understand–and appreciate–the value of their benefits. In this video, Carla McCormick, Vice President of Health Management Solutions for Fallon Benefits Group, provides HR professionals with […]

What You Need to Know about DOL’s Proposed Overtime Regulations

In this video, BLR Legal Editor Susan Prince, JD, provides employers with what they need to know about the proposed overtime regulations, the first proposed major changes in 10 years. Watch the video below (transcript available here), and then use BLR’s new Proposed Overtime Rules Calculator to determine how the proposed changes will affect your […]

10 Sins of Wage and Hour (FLSA)

Pay the minimum wage and pay overtime where it’s due—how hard could it be? Wage and hour should be simple, but it’s not. We’ve identified the 10 most common ‘sins’ managers and supervisors commit in paying—or failing to pay—employees what they are owed. Steve Bruce of HR Daily Advisor–along with ‘sinner’ portrayals by his colleagues–presents […]

10 Sins of Supervisors

Sometimes it seems as though there are a thousand ways supervisors and managers—although well-meaning—can get it wrong, and end up begging for employee lawsuits. We’ve distilled it down into 10 major sins HR can talk to its managers and supervisors about. Here, BLR editor Steve Bruce presents the 10 Sins of Supervisors–with the help of […]