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Workplace Trends to Watch for in 2019

With the significant advancements in technology, the workplace has continued to evolve over the past century at rapid rates. And if one thing is certain, it’s that change is still constant and inevitable in the workplace in 2019 as well.


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Here are some workplace trends you’ll want to keep your eye on this year.

Generation Z Enters the Workforce in Full Force

The oldest members of Generation Z are now 23 years old and will start graduating from 4-year colleges in high numbers this year. They’re also expected to make up 36% of the global workforce by 2020.
This generation will want technology to be central to most things they do at work and will want to be socially connected to everyone at work (including their bosses). They will also want better day-to-day experiences at work.

Continuous Learning Tech and Strategies Gain Popularity

Currently, 64% of leaders across the United States believe that corporations and private businesses are the answer to closing the growing “skills gap.” And 82% of executives claim that retraining and “reskilling” are half the answer for addressing the skills gap, along with recruiting. Most companies will opt for continuous learning strategies that embrace technology platforms and implementations (especially mobile-first implementations) that promote continuous learning in 2019.
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Augmented Learning and Automated Systems Become Even More Important

In 2019, most employees’ training and development in the workplace will run on systems that are improved with virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) environments. VR training has proved to own many benefits for both organizations and learners.
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In addition, more organizations will run on systems that automate more tedious or time-consuming workflows and tasks for maximum efficiency and to eliminate unnecessary costs. And such automated systems will be run by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The Gig Economy Continues to Grow

One study revealed that 31% of adult Americans do gig work and suggested that gig work is on the rise. So, expect to see the gig economy continue to grow in 2019 and expect to see more organizations rely on freelancers and contract-based workers.
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Data Will Do and Run Everything

Data will run the world in 2019 and beyond. So, it’s safe to assume that every organization of every type will start to train their employees in data analytics. To learn more, read Who Benefits the Most from Data Analytics Training? And also assume that every type of business will begin to rely on data to make every type of business decision possible.
In a nut shell, advanced technology, augmented learning, automated systems, and data will be incredibly important to Generation Zs and gig workers in the workplace and to successful organizations in 2019.

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