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Why You Want Your Employees to Be Content Creators

In the modern age of the Internet and social media, employees are always accessing and sharing content, whether it’s about your organization or not. The average person spends a lot of time on the Internet and social media creating, reading, engaging with, or sharing content, so you should encourage your employees to be content creators for your organization. Continue reading to learn more about why.


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Internal and External Branding

Employees help promote the image of your organization’s brand when they share their experiences with or at your organization via blog posts, social media posts, or video content, and employees working on innovative projects could share their results and experiences with one another internally to further the cohesive image of innovation within the company with strategic partners, as well.
Computer engineering employees, for instance, could share posts about best practices regarding their field and expertise through the lens of the work they conduct at your organization—content that can help your organization’s brand significantly.
It’s also important to note that viewers prefer behind-the-scenes videos by a wide margin, so organizations that share such content will be one step ahead of their competitors.

Strong Company Culture

Employees can also endorse your company’s culture across the organization by continuously sharing their content with one another; because the content would be generated by employees themselves, possibly through important data, analyses, research papers, and posts, it can help answer common questions and help others across your organization produce better-quality work, as well.

Transparent Communications

Employees who create more content freely and who work to share their ideas and research with one another would also be more likely to participate in transparent communications. Each employee may expect to share projects and research via different content channels and want to learn about what coworkers share via different forms of content. As we know, when communication is open and transparent, you’re more likely to retain top talent, which directly benefits your bottom line.

More Innovation and Creativity

Employees would be able to innovate more and be more creative if they engage are transparent in their communications. In this way, they would be able to create content of their own volition that is within their field of interest and expertise. By allowing employees to be creative with their content, you’re also getting a different perspective on what keeps workers sticking around.

Original Content to Use for a Variety of Purposes

Your organization can use employee-created content for various purposes, such as marketing and learning and development (L&D). A marketing team could easily use some of the research employees compile and include in white papers and e-mails that might be interesting to clients and partners, for instance.
You can also use this content to promote your company’s culture to help attract talent through the company website. Not only does this content come across as more authentic, but it may also help boost engagement across your organization. Workers will be happy their content is being showcased and may be more inclined to contribute content in the future.
Consider why you want your employees to be content creators for your organization, and in tomorrow’s post, we’ll highlight how you can motivate your employees to be content creators.

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