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Strange but True Hiring Trends

What could be so strange about hiring trends you ask?  A new survey, released by SmartRecruiters, offers some insight into the do’s and don’ts of hiring and recruiting. And while these results aren’t reinventing the recruiting wheel, they will make you think twice about your next interview.


Can Gambling Help You Land That Job? You Bet!

Sounds strange, but it’s true! A link has been established between online casino games and skill building for job interviews. New research highlights how online gambling can help you land the job or improve your interviewing skills during the hiring process!

messy desk

Spring Cleaning Time … for Your Employees’ Desks?

What do you think annoys your boss the most? Frequent tardiness, sloppy attire, or bad attitude? The list could be endless! However, a new survey—released by Office Team—showcases what really annoys your boss, at least when it comes to the physical workspace.

office nightmare

What a Nightmare: Strangest Work Dreams

Having dreams about work sounds like a nightmare! Sleep is an essential component in workplace productivity, but according to a new CareerBuilder® survey, 26% of respondents feel they don’t get enough sleep each night, and 60% say that a lack of sleep has negatively impacted their work.