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HR Strange But True

Catch up on the latest odd, offbeat, and humorous HR stories.

Cyber Termination: Algorithms May Kill the Need for Résumés

Résumés may soon become relics of HR’s past, with a specifically designed algorithm examination of applicants’ blog posts, tweets, and “cyber imprints” replacing them in the near future.


Jobs Go from ‘Dirty’ to ‘Unique’ for Skilled Trades Proponent

He took us, usually wearing some wacky looking personal protective equipment (PPE), to see him try over 300 jobs that defied description, but were mostly smelly, dangerous—and dirty!  Now, reports CNN, he will show us jobs that are not only unique but also essential.


You Saw What? At Work?

Some of our best HR Strange But True! articles didn’t come from the newspapers, but from our readers. Do you have a tale to tell?

As an HR professional, we suspect that you have seen your fair share of odd events in the workplace, whether it’s a boss behaving badly, an awkward interview, or a quirky employee excuse—we want to hear it!


You Won’t Believe What Your Next Workplace Robot Will Do!

Your next workplace robot may not sweep the company floor or assume a manufacturing function. Instead, it may be advising the C-suite!

That’s right! Your next robot may handle your company’s legal and litigation issues as “Robot, Esq.,” according to an article by Josh Blackman, JD, who specializes in the intersection of law and technology.


Could High-Tech ‘Oops’-Proof Your Workers?

Researchers at Vanderbilt University say they can jolt your workers into high productivity and performance, essentially making them “oops”-proof.  But you may have to change your dress code to do this.


It’s OK if Your Workers Watch this Big-Screen TV

Why would you install a 90-inch big-screen TV on your plant floor?  Won’t workers just tune in to Sports Center or talk shows and be distracted?

No, according to a company that says more media in the factory actually increases collaboration, engagement, and production performance.


Winter Season Wrap-Up: What Were Your Favorite SBTs?

Spring is finally here! With winter behind us, we are taking a look back at the most shared Strange but True! articles of the season.


Techies Ban Tech Presentations; Go Web and Electricity Free!

Who could be more cutting-edge high tech than physicists such as those working on the Large Hadron Collider? Yet, for presenters at Fermilab’s LHC Physics Center Forum, PowerPoint® slides have been banned, in favor of white boards and a marker!

What is going on here? The Forum wanted to change its meetings “from monologues to dialogues,” according to Fermilab Today, a publication of the U.S. Department of Energy, which reported that in the 6 months since the PowerPoint ban, presenters have even spoken directly from handwritten notes.


Update on the Ultimate Dead-End Job—Literally

Last year, HR Strange but True! reported on a call for applicants by Dutch organization MarsOne to staff a trip to Mars. Well, according to Yahoo! News, it looks like the “hiring process” is still progressing and has become the subject of a short film, “Mars One Way,” featuring five of the “applicants” and why they applied.


I’m Not the President; I Just Played one on TV—but I Do Support a Minimum Wage Hike

When Illinois Governor Pat Quinn wanted to make the case for raising the minimum wage in his state, he called in the president—not Barack Obama, but Josiah Bartlet.

Yes, Quinn asked actor Martin Sheen, who presided over The West Wing, to use his celebrity status to urge elected officials to lift the minimum wage, according to a press release by Raise Illinois, a coalition of civic organizations and minimum wage workers and supporters.