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Don’t Let Them Eat Cake

Office celebrations are a great time for staff to gather and socialize, but could these celebrations also be bad for your health? Civil service workers in the United Kingdom (U.K.) were recently asked to stop bringing in cake for fear it would put other workers in danger, labeling cake a “public health hazard.”


When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Vegan Butcher

In high school, we had to take a test that helped us determine what we wanted to be when we graduated. I’m not sure if all high school students had to go through that test, but if so, I’m curious to know what your results said you were going to be—and are you actually in […]


Great Service Rewarded with Massive Tip

Waitresses can sometimes have it rough. Especially if they work at Hooters and dye their hair or have to rescue a dog from a hot car. Most waitresses work below minimum wage and must survive on tips alone. For college students, who are struggling to make ends meet while paying for school, this next story […]


Work Perk: Companies Offering Paid Vacations … WITH Spending Money!

Attracting and retaining top talent seems like it has become a rat race to see who can offer the better perk in the hopes of gaining the best and brightest the workforce has to offer. However, companies aren’t just offering these benefits to gain employees; they’re also offering them to help their current staff, who […]

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This Job Is a Joke!

Can you take a joke? Then chances are you’ll go far at your company! A new survey, released by Accountemps®, reveals that having a sense of humor is an important characteristic to have for fitting into most companies’ culture.


Think You’re Working for Peanuts? How About Working for Pizza?

Compensation. It’s at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially HR professionals looking to recruit top talent with a competitive salary and to keep current employees sticking around. Recently, a supermarket in Australia came under fire for offering its employees pizza instead of paying them overtime … Which every U.S. employer should know is illegal under […]


How Do You Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them? Hopefully Not in These Strange Ways!

Employee appreciation is key when it comes to employee engagement and retention, but what is the proper way to show employees you appreciate them? Some employees may feel appreciated by receiving a small bonus or a paid day off. Others may feel appreciated with a free meal. Whatever you do, though, don’t offer the following […]


So You Want to Work for My Fake Company … Huh?

College graduation is right around the corner, so the influx of “fresh meat” in the workforce is only a few weeks away. And where will most of these college grads end up looking for jobs? One could assume trendy tech companies like Google will see their fair share of applicants, but what about start-up companies […]