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How to Motivate Your Employees to Be Content Creators

Yesterday’s post covered why it’s beneficial for your employees to be content creators. Essentially, if your employees are content creators, they will provide a more authentic experience for candidates who use this content to determine what your company culture is like. Here’s what you can do to motivate your employees to take on this new role.


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Offer Writing Courses and Courses for Content Creation

Some employees may know how to write engaging blog posts that are optimized for search engines or how to create amazing infographics and how-to videos, but some won’t.
So, offer employees optional writing and content creation courses that they can access when they want to learn how to create a certain type of content. Also, provide tutorials on how to use content creation platforms and courses that highlight strategies and best practices.

Use Cloud-Based Content Platforms

If you want your employees to be content creators, you must make it easy for them to create and access content via cloud-based content-generation and -sharing platforms, which make it easy for employees to access content, start and stop a content creation project, incorporate notes into a project, and edit and share content.

Train Employees How to Use Social Media

Most content today is shared through social media, so make sure your employees have a firm grasp on when and how to use social media at work when they’re sharing and accessing content via this platform.

Include Employees in Your Organization’s Content Strategy

Your organization should already have a content strategy for its internal and external communications, as well as for its marketing initiatives, and you should include your employees in the execution of these strategies.
As they work on developing a new technology platform for your organization, for instance, employees could collect data about the platform and how it performs, which could be compiled in a report that leaders and your HR team can use to drive engagement initiatives and realign the company culture.

Emphasize Individual Employee Benefits for Creating Content

Ensure that you emphasize the benefits employees will receive from creating content for your organization so that they continue to want to create such content. Some benefits could include that they will be able to demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership, turning them into sought-after experts in their field, in addition to small commissions or bonuses for each report or post they publish.

Allow Content Reviews to Be Written and Shared

Motivate employees to create more content by implementing a rating system whereby they are rated on their work; for example, an employee’s post could receive a four out of five stars on a content platform or comments and feedback from the audience in real time. Employees are more likely to be motivated when they receive positive or engaging reviews and feedback on what they produce.
If you want to motivate your employees to be content creators, consider doing one or more of the action items mentioned above.

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