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5 Ways Your Organization Should Be Using LinkedIn Right Now

Since its inception in 2003, LinkedIn has become one of the most widely used social media platforms for businesses and organizations, recruiters, hiring managers, Human Resources (HR) and learning and development (L&D) professionals, learners, industry thought leaders, and jobseekers. Around 25% of adults in the United States use LinkedIn, and around 106 million people access the site on a monthly basis.


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Here are five ways your organization should be using LinkedIn right now if it wants to remain competitive online.

1. Recruitment

According to LinkedIn data, 75% of people who have recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to help them find a new one, and 87% of passive candidates on the site are open to new job opportunities, especially if they’re actively recruited through LinkedIn.
Additionally, employees found and hired via LinkedIn are two times more likely to be above-average hires and are 40% less likely to leave an organization within the first 6 months. Overall, high-quality prospective employees are on and found via LinkedIn.

2. Networking

Every employee across your organization—not just HR—should use LinkedIn for internal and external networking opportunities.
Employees can connect with reputable peers inside their organizations and swap best practices and helpful contacts and references, as well as use the site to network with external partners, industry professionals, and more.
Keep in mind that the average CEO has 930 LinkedIn connections and that two-thirds of millionaires use LinkedIn.

3. Upskilling

Through LinkedIn Learning, users can access courses and online learning options focused on everything from project management to Web development to digital marketing. The site also offers L&D options for teams and mobile learners. Overall, LinkedIn provides easy ways to upskill your employees quickly, as they can simultaneously interact and engage with one another on the main LinkedIn social networking site.

4. Company Culture Implementation

If you’re interested in implementing a new company culture, make sure to use LinkedIn to connect employees, ideas, and practices. You can use the site to share new initiatives, information, policies, and more. LinkedIn can be especially helpful for organizations interested in implementing more transparent and innovative company cultures.

5. Content Development and Thought Leadership

More than 1 million members have published content on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, demonstrating thought leadership in their industries and propelling their organizations forward. Essentially, LinkedIn allows your employees to develop content on behalf of your organization.
As an L&D or HR professional, keep the five ways your organization should be using LinkedIn right now mentioned above in mind if it wants to remain competitive online.

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